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Why do you have a  contract?  We expect all our buyers to agree to and sign our puppy contract either before or at the time of reservation or purchase.  Please look over the contract before scheduling an appointment so you know what your signing and there are no "surprises."

How can I get on the waiting list?  Reading the contract and filling out the application is the fastest way to qualify for a puppy and be placed on the waiting list (or to qualify for a current puppy - see below).  We have two waiting lists.  The first one is a "Preferred" waiting list for buyers who are willing to wait for their puppy and absolutely know they want to purchase a puppy from Fawn's Boxers, so they place their $250 deposit before the pups are born to secure their place in line.  The second list is for those who aren't totally sure they want a "Fawn's Boxer" yet, but are willing to consider it after seeing the puppies shortly after birth.  Once the buyers on the preferred list have been contacted, a week later we contact the buyers on the second list, and a week after that, we open the litter to the general public.

I've qualified for a puppy, now what? Once a buyer has been qualified to purchase a puppy from Fawn's Boxers (following steps one (1) and two (2) at the top of this page.  They are then encouraged to choose a puppy from the available list on this page (or to choose a waiting list if there are no current pups available at the time). Depending on the age of the puppy, buyers have the option of choosing their puppy from pictures on the list (if under 6 weeks old) or coming to see the puppies in person (after 6 weeks old).  Once a puppy has been chosen, they buyer then signs a contract with Fawn's Boxers for the sale of the puppy and puts down a $250 non-refundable deposit (excluding the preferred waiting list buyer).  The remaining balance is due in cash upon delivery of the puppy which includes shipping if applied or sales tax if the buyer lives in Arizona.

What are registration papers, why are they important?  The  registration papers are basically a birth certificate for your dog. This registration certificate will have the pup's and its parents' registration numbers and may include a three (or 5) generation pedigree depending on the package you purchase.  And it gives you bragging rights!

What is the difference between AKC and CKC registries?  AKC and CKC are two different registries that basically do the same thing, it's like the difference between Dillard's and Macy's department stores.  AKC has been in business since 1884 - more information on AKC history can be found at: CKC has been in business since 1991 - more information on CKC history can be found at:

What does limited registration mean?  All our puppies are registered with limited pet registration papers with either AKC (The American Kennel Club) or CKC (Continental Kennel Club).  Pet registration means the puppies we sell are not for breeding and any litters produced will not be able to be registered. AKC/CKC papers are available after we have proof of spay or neuter by a licensed vet.

Why do you charge more than some other breeders?  Here at Fawn's Boxers we strive to offer the best supplements, food and care that the dogs and puppies need to maintain and grow into optimal health.  The various vet visits, worming medication, vaccines, supplements, food and care (when done right) can be very costly.  By going the extra mile in ensuring our puppies go home healthy and robust, we are hoping to benefit the families who love them, by possibly allowing our puppies to live to a good old age, and be around as long as possible.  

I don't see the answer to my question on this page, how can I get more answers?  We welcome questions and are always available to buyers and prospective buyers when it comes to discussing our beautiful Boxers!  If you have a question or concern, please feel free to call us!

Important:  Breeder websites have been known to be hacked from time to time.  While we make serious efforts to avoid such troubles, nothing is completely avoidable.  Before you make arrangements to send money or other personal information, please make sure you speak with one of us over the phone to ensure you are working with Fawn's Boxers (or an American Citizen).
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Our pups usually sell long before they're ready to go home! Follow step one (1) and step two (2) to be pre-approved and to be placed on our waiting list for upcoming puppies!
Steps for Purchase
Thank you for your interest in our beautiful Boxer puppies!  As we mentioned on our home page, we qualify our buyers in an attempt to place our puppies in safe, caring, forever homes.  Should you choose to purchase one of our beautiful puppies, you will be asked to follow a few simple steps in the qualifying process before scheduling an appointment to see the pups in person, or before purchasing the puppy on-line.  To proceed, please follow the the steps below. We look forward to working with you! ~ Fawn
Step 1: Review the Contract
Please click on the image to the left and review the contract to make sure you agree with the terms of the purchase.  We will use this contract for your records and ours during the purchase process.  We will go over the contract with you in person for more clarification and to answer any questions you may have. 
Step 2: Complete the Application
Please click on the image to the left to complete the application for consideration of one of our puppies.  Once complete, please save your application and attach it in an email (in .doc format) and send it to us at: and we'll get back to you soon.
Previous Puppies
Breeder websites have been known to be hacked from time to time.  

While we make serious efforts to avoid such troubles, nothing is completely failproof.

Before you make arrangements to send money or other personal information, please make sure you speak with one of us over the phone to ensure you are working with Fawn's Boxers (or an American Citizen).
Arizona Buyers: We charge 8.05% Sales Tax  Out of State Buyers: Shipping may be available for $350+

Now Available For Deposit!
What's in the "Goodie Bag?"
  • Sample of Royal Canin Puppy Food & Coupon
  • New Puppy Guide
  • New Toy
  • Blanket with Litter Mate Scent
  • Poop Clean-Up Bags
  • Health Record
  • Contract (Including Health Guarantee
  • Rectal Thermometer
  • Nu-Vet Brochure and Samples
  • And More.......
    Brindle Female 
Sweet little princess.  Playful and fun to cuddle too.  This little girl will go home up to date on shots and worming with a puppy package to start you off right.  Just in time for summer, and new adventures with her new forever family.  Call today to find out if you qualify to take this baby home in June! 
 April 10th 2015

All Pups Found Homes! 

Going Home:
                    Brindle Male 
Look at that face!  What's not to love.  This little guy spent most of his photo shoot trying to climb in my lap for a cozy nap.  It's cute as a pup, but watch out - once a lap dog, always a lap dog!  Hershey is as sweet as his name and is going to be a wonderful addition to a special forever family! Want to see him in person?  Send in your application today!
                    Brindle Female
Lovely Lola is a very pretty girl and will grow to be every bit as beautiful as her parents.  Being raised "under foot" with 6 children in the home is a definite plus.  She'll go home with the perfect family for her "pre-spoiled." Lola will be ready to go home just in time for summer fun!  To reserve this little girl, contact us today before she's gone!
                    Fawn Male 
Pluto is a handsome little stud-muffin! Very sweet and loving and has never met a stranger. He has an outgoing personality and will be loved and admired by all who know him. Want to make the neighbors jealous? Bring this little guy home, show him off and be envied by all!
                    ​Fawn Female
Moca is the only fawn colored female of this litter.  She's a stunning beauty with the need to explore new territory and room to run!  She would make the perfect addition to an active family with a large yard/home and plenty of people to love!  Is she the one for you?  Fill out the application to find out, before someone else beats you to it! 
                    Fawn Male 
Cute little Max has already found his forever family and will be going home to the North West Phoenix Valley soon! Congratulations to Max and Steve!
                    Brindle Male
Titan is an adorable little boy.  The kids in the home have loved playing with him.  He's full of that Boxer energy that everyone loves, and has to check out everything in his environment.  If you have an active family, Titan is your boy!  Fill out the application and come fall in love!
                    ​Brindle Female
Tuli is such a pretty girl with her solid black mask and the perfect amount of flash on her chest.  Not only is she beautiful, but she's so sweet and loves to romp with her litter mates and the children!  Are you the family she is waiting for?  Find out!  Fill out the application and come see her today!