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Welcome to Fawn's Boxers!  We are a trusted Boxer Breeder* located in Mesa, AZ.  We offer beautiful, AKC registered Boxer puppies in a variety of coats and markings like flashy fawn, fawn with black mask, brindle with black mask, flashy brindle and even the seal brindle (black) Boxer!   

Please be advised, we do qualify our buyers (see contract and application on the puppy page). We expect that prospective buyers have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the Boxer breed and are prepared for responsible, attentive ownership.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone without an explanation.


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Call or Email: (480) 797-8000 / info@fawnsboxers.com
We feed our dogs a special diet of quality dog food, various raw meats, bones and vegetables, with natural supplements to keep them in optimum shape. We believe well-fed stock leads to more robust offspring. We hope you will be the beneficiaries of our efforts over the years. 

Our puppies are individually priced, check out the puppy page for  current prices. Once you've been qualified, we would be happy to reserve your puppy for you with a $250 deposit that will go toward the balance due when you come to pick up your new puppy.

When you come to purchase or place a deposit on your puppy, we will ask you to sign a contract that requires you to return your puppy in the event that your circumstances change so that you can no longer keep him/her, nor find a suitable adoptive home (see puppy contract on "Puppies" page). In other words, our commitment to these puppies extends well beyond the sale. If this bothers you, you probably should look elsewhere - pet stores are great places to buy a dog without any strings whatsoever.
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*Please note, sales tax is required in addition to the price of all puppies sold to buyers within Arizona. Shipping may be available to approved buyers $350+ throughout the Continental United States and Alaska.
Sadly, we are not offering any puppies at this time.  We wish you the best of luck in your search for your new Boxer puppy.  Places you may  be successful at finding your new Boxer buddy is AZCentral.com, k9Stud.com, Breeders.net, Craigslist or even Facebook.  Just be careful.  Be sure to visit the parents and see where the puppies are raised.  And if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam.

About Recommended Supplements:
Ever tried to get your Boxer to take his/her vitamins? Good luck, right!? NuVet labs creates a wonderful good tasting "wafer" supplement that offers some really great healthful benefits. Below is a  link and an order code (20420) when ordering your Boxer his/her vitamins! I strongly recommend following the link: www.NuVet.com/20420 to go to their site or call them at 1-800-474-7044 to order/re-order today!  These premium supplements can not be found in stores, and are far superior to anything found on the shelf! Be sure to use the "Promo Code" 20420 to get your discount.