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We began researching and dabbling in breeding nearly 12 years ago.  We live on a 1/2 acre which allows our dogs plenty of exercise!  In researching the type of breed we wanted to raise we realized that the Boxer breed was for us because of the dynamics of our family and lifestyle we lead.  We have 9 children, and smaller breed dogs, so we needed a breed that we felt we could trust with the children and smaller dogs, but that was also a good protection, and the Boxer is perfect for that need.  So we started with a female, searching for a "plain Jane" or completely fawn colored female with beautiful parents that had no history of hip dysplasia  (a common problem with larger breed dogs).   After seeing quite a few dogs, we found and purchased Ginger from a breeder in West Phoenix, AZ.  After about 6 months we decided it was time to start looking for our male.  Again we wanted to find a male with not too much flash because we did not want to produce white Boxers (they are prone to major health problems like deafness, blindness, skin conditions, seizures and more).  We found Mader at a breeder in Kearney, AZ. In the winter of 2008 MaryAnn came to us from North Phoenix, and Faber came to us from California in September of 2009 All our wonderful Boxers have loving, loyal temperaments with the enthusiasm characteristic of the Boxer breed.

Update:  Mader and MaryAnn are now retired, and Ginger has passed on.  We miss them tremendously (definitely part of the family),  After our Spring 2015 litter, we will no longer be breeding our sweet beautiful Boxers due to health conditions of our youngest special needs son.

We have loved meeting all of our special, wonderful Boxer families, and hope to maintain lifelong relationships with all of them!


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Sierra has grown to be about 45 lbs.  She is a beautiful fawn with a black mask and some pretty flash.  She is AKC registered and in wonderful health.  She is very patient with the children, very friendly with visitors and our smaller dogs.  She has been a fun addition to our family!  Sierra is from a litter born to MaryAnn and Mader. 
Faber is our brindle AKC stud from CA, with a black mask and beautiful amber eyes. At just over 75 lbs. he is truly something to behold!  He gets more and more stunning each year!  He's such a sweetheart, and a very good boy, however he does love to tease Mader!  He's very fun, and we're glad to have him in our family!

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Cadence is Sierra's twin sister!  One fawn and one seal brindle!  Cadence is around 50 lbs. and takes after her mother MaryAnn with her dark seal brindle coat.  She has beautiful flash on her chest and feet.  She's very loving, and produces the most beautiful, robust  puppies!
Honey is a beautiful daughter of Mader and MaryAnn.  Of all our females, she looks most like Mader.  She carries forward the sweet personalities of her parents.  She is a wonderful mother to her puppies and loves our children too.  Honey is about 45 lbs,