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Hi Fawn, 

We wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying our new addition to the family! We are so happy to have Maya as a part of our family now and she is getting so big so fast!  We wanted to send you a few pictures of her as she has grown up.  She weighs about 25 lbs now, which the vet tells us is healthy, but they think she is going to be a smaller girl.  She absolutely loves to run! We have a dog park on the property of our apartment complex, which she loves. We take her there just about every night and she has made a best friend-a Boston Terrier named Rocky! 

Recently when we took her to the vet, one of the nurses stopped us and could not stop talking about how beautiful Maya is (we actually get that a lot...good family genes!) 

We want to thank you again for giving up such a healthy, happy puppy! 

~ Bethany, Phoenix, AZ  

Hi Fawn, 

It was so nice to hear from you today. Jackson (a.k.a. boots) was so excited when I did a mini photo session with him so you could see how he's grown. The first one (close up face shot) is from a few months ago, I just think it's cute so I added it as well :) 

Hope you are all doing well and thank you again for adding to our family! Jacky is truly a wonderful dog. 

~ Liz, Phoenix, AZ


Just a quick update on Layla.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  She has brought great joy to our home.  Here are a couple of pictures of her at 6 months.

Take Care
~ Tammy, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Fawn,

Jake is doing so well. He is falling asleep right now in my arms. I love the collar!! Thank you so much! I can’t get over how good he is. He doesn’t nip or scratch and he follows me wherever I go. And I do think he knows his name. He had a great night.  He slept in his crate by my bed and whimpered every so often, but as soon as I put my hand on his crate he went back to sleep. The vet said he looks great. He is sooo sweet.  He is so gentle with everyone/dogs and is such a baby when it comes to trying new things, but he loves it after he gets past the fear part. He is sooo good. He doesn’t chew on anything and plays with his toys; he loves to be with kids. He is the greatest dog ever!  Thank you again so much!

~ Julie, New York, NY

Hey Fawn,

Here are some of Maggie's pictures!  She loves to dig, get her belly rubbed all the time, and she snuggles like 
a baby at night.  She is the best puppy in the world and she is an amazing addition to our family. 

~Gia, Gilbert, AZ

Hi Don & Fawn,

Here are some updated pictures of Samson.  He’s such a good boy and is sooo loved!!

Thank you,

 Krysta, Phoenix, AZ

Hello Don & Fawn!

Wrigley (formerly Tolstoy :) ) is doing so well! He's so smart and funny!! He's about 50 lbs now at 7 months. I've attached 4 pictures from this week. We get compliments multiple times a week on what a beautiful dog he is. He is the sweetest little thing and is still a cuddle-bug! He's also extremely strong with tons of energy!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful companion. He's a perfect member of our family!

Thank you!!

Lauren and Josh

P.S. We may be looking for a sibling/cousin/friend for him in the future ;)


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