Your Boxer Deserves the Lifelong Health Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Ever tried to get your Boxer to take his/her vitamins?  Good luck, right!? NuVet labs creates a wonderful good tasting "wafer" supplement that offers some really great healthful benefits.  We include a brochure and a sample pack in every puppy package.  To the right is a link and an order code (20420) when ordering in the future!  I strongly recommend following the link (click on the picture to the right) to go to their site to order/re-order today!

We believe that healthy dogs create healthy puppies!  We work hard to keep our dogs and puppies in tip-top shape so you can reap the benefits of a healthy family pet for years to come.

We have found that Royal Canin is a good quality kibble that our Boxers (adults and puppies) really love.

In addition to kibble, our adults enjoy raw steak, chicken, fish and eggs.  We believe this adds to their health in a big way. .

They also love the occasional tug-of-war with fresh tripe (raw beef organs).