In order to use one of our boys for stud service, the female must be a purebred Boxer with a note from the vet that she is healthy, tick and flea free and up to date on her shots. In addition to this she must have had a recent brucellosis test done through a qualified vet.  This is essential for ensuring that your female does not have brucellosis, which can render males permanently infertile while causing your female to abort her pups. This test must be done before breeding, unless the test has already been performed less than 2 months before her current heat. Once these requirements are out of the way, all that's left is the contract which confirms the date(s) of services, payment method and refund policy.  We can't board your female, so you'll be responsible for bringing her and picking her up every day for a possible 3 day period.

Only Faber (our beautiful brindle) is available for stud.

If you're interested in stud service, contact us at: 480-797-8000 or

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Contact us for available dates and times: 
480-797-8000 or
We charge $550 for Mader and Faber  as a stud fee which must be paid in cash at the first breeding. If the breeding doesn't take, you may be refunded the full price or the fee can be put on account for the next breeding of the same or different female who has met the above requirements. Or, you can pay by method of allowing us to take first pick of the litter (this method is only available with proof that the female is AKC registered and requires a $550 deposit refundable upon delivery of our pick of the litter puppy).
Proud Owner
(Oh, so very proud)
of a pup sired 
by Mader
Stud Contract